“Our job is to be open to what this next generation needs and wants and be ready and able to amplify the compelling stuff they are creating.

- ROSS MARTINExecutive Vice President of Scratch, Viacom innovation swat-team.

Jewish communities, and all cultures and entities struggling to find their places online, must collaborate with Millennials to construct personally meaningful jumping-off points for them that are creative, energized, tolerant and transparent.

It is estimated that, in North America, Millennials number more than 100 Million, making them the largest cohort in North American history. They are also the most educated, technologically savvy, demanding and empowered generation to date, pouring daily by the tens of thousands into the commercial and cultural mainstream.*

Gone are the days of young adults swearing allegiance to one-dimensional identities. Now is the era of unprecedented connectivity, flattening the world and bringing diverse cultures closer together while broadening global citizenry.

In order to flourish in these competitive times, it is therefore critical for businesses, communities and/or cultures to understand Millenials’ hyper-connected mindset and to enter into a dynamic give-and-take relationship with them across multiple platforms.

NU strived to be the creative catalyst that works with Millennials to make global Jewish life more relevant to them in our times.